Art can express what rationality cannot

“Art can express what rationality cannot.” Says Štěpán Dlouhý, a graduate of the EduArt Start program and CEO of Premium Media Group, which organizes the second edition of the Prague Art Week festival in the Czech Republic.

“In general, I tend to be more pragmatic and highly rational by nature. For me, art has the ability to convey what rationality cannot precisely express, while simultaneously disrupting and problematizing the established way of approaching things. I believe that this aspect significantly contributes to our understanding of the world,” Štěpán expresses. He eagerly anticipates purchasing his first painting, but he is confident it won’t be a prolonged wait. “When I started taking a keener interest in art, I realized there was a knowledge gap that I needed to bridge to navigate the subject. This is where EduArt becomes an immensely valuable project—it not only introduces newcomers to art but also elucidates its functioning and fundamental principles. This fosters a more profound connection with art beyond mere ‘liking’ or ‘disliking’. Additionally, it serves as a platform for connecting individuals engaged with art,” he elaborates.

Prague Art Week, an integral part of the European network with collaborative initiatives in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, and Vienna, shares a similar objective. In Štěpán’s words, the core mission is to facilitate the exchange of insights among artists, collectors, and all participants within the realm of “art professionals,” ranging from curators to auction houses and legal experts, on a global scale. Barbora Půlpánová is coordinating this year’s visit by international curators, including Ben Tufnell, the former curator of Tate Britain and current head of Parafin Gallery, the renowned curatorial duo Rainald Schumacher and Nathalie Hoyos, as well as numerous curators from London, Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest, Paris, and Vienna, who have already committed to participating. Between September 21 and 24, Prague is poised to transform into the European Capital of Art.

A novel addition to this year’s PAW is a substantial, day-long Superstudio conference, scheduled for Thursday, September 21, at the National Gallery - Veletržní palác. The programme also includes a captivating discussion with collectors Petr and Pavlina Pudil and Kateřina Havrlant, notable figures behind important Czech collections. Visitors can also anticipate an exceptional program across over forty carefully selected galleries, institutions, and other art initiatives.

As EduArt Experience is an official partner of this event, EduArt club members will have VIP access to the entire program.