Art Through the Eyes of EduArt Club Members

Klára’s fascination with art surfaced already when studying at university as she took a course on modern art. She enjoyed going to galleries and spending time with paintings or sculptures. ‘It’s a form of relaxation for me, there is no rush and it allows for appreciating the present moment,’ she says.

Over time, Klara wished to understand the art market in a more comprehensive way and learn about the Prague art scene. This came about through the EduArt Start, a programme for emerging collectors. ‘What I liked the most about the programme is that we visited smaller galleries and artists’ studios and met them in person. We were able to ask questions and gained valuable information regarding their work,’ Klara shares. It was surprising to her that there are many interesting galleries in Prague, dedicated to promoting young emerging artists. ‘The uniqueness of EduArt lies in its capability to open up and connect the art scene with the wider public,’ she adds.

Because Klára wanted to explore the world of art even after completing the six-month program, she joined the EduArt Club. Its goal is not only to support the art scene and art collecting, but also the activities of individual members within the community. Two years ago, Klara started Wine’s Bay, a business that imports and sells New Zealand wines to the Czech Republic. ‘My cousin, who lives in New Zealand, and I wanted to bring at least a little of the local atmosphere, its mysterious Maori culture, its approach to life and nature by offering great wines from family wineries,’ says Klára. And that is exactly what she does at the chosen club meetings. Thanks to her, the members enjoy a glass of excellent wine.

Currently, Klára is waiting for the right moment to buy her first art piece. ‘I’ve been following several Czech artists whose work speaks to me. But I haven’t yet made up my mind as to what I should buy. I have to be so taken by the piece that I won’t be able to get it out of my head,’ Klára explains her attitude towards her new hobby – art.