Giovanni Gasparini and His 10 Tips for Aspiring Art Collectors

Here we bring you a couple of tips by Giovanni Gasparini, an esteemed art advisor, lecturer and art market writer.

  1. See as much art as you can.

  2. Get the grasp of what you like and what is meaningful for you.

  3. Make some of those your rules, if you like. But don’t forget you are a free person, hence, don’t make the rule rule you.

  4. Enjoy the process.

  5. If you are interested in contemporary art, go see the artist & their studios.

  6. Explore the galleries and people supporting the artists you like.

  7. Buy at a price that makes sense to you.

  8. Buy that type of art where you do not care if you will sell it with great profit in 5-10 years. Or if you’ll find a buyer at all.

  9. If you get serious about art collecting – think of people around you. No, you do not have to establish a museum. If you are a collector, use your influence wisely.

  10. Promote what you believe in.