The New Generation of Art Collectors: EduArt Start and the Millennials

Tereza Popovič shared her experience with our programme for prospective collectors and her thoughts on collecting.

Tereza Popovič has been drawn to art since childhood. To her, galleries have represented a safe space as long as she remembers. She has always perceived art, music and architecture as a source of new peaceful energy. Up until recently, she did not pay attention to art collecting as she considered it as something exclusive to older and affluent people. Yet, as she acknowledges: ‘I have always been surrounded by artists; this came to me naturally. I feel a special bond to them; the free-thinking, penchant for parties, but also a passion for aesthetic expression. It wouldn’t cross my mind to look at artworks from other angles, or as an investment,’ explains Tereza.

She learned about the EduArt Start course from her friend attending the programme. ‘I’ve always been interested in art, and I was already intrigued by the programme. Although I had no idea how much it would enrich my view of artworks and how many inspiring people and places I would meet thanks to it,’ adds Tereza whilst further commenting that the most interesting part of the project is the selection of artists, experts and even fellow programme participants with whom she was able to engage in conversation. ‘As a young person, I loved asking questions regarding modern technologies and collaborations between artists and commercial entities during our lessons. Many artists are sceptical about this and often don’t even consider collaborating with brands. I however find a tasteful blending of these two worlds fun.’

Tereza already owns several works of art at home and presented one of them to us as a matter of her heart: ‘For my 20th birthday, my mother auctioned Golden Heart by Maxim Velčovský for me, the proceeds of which were donated to children in difficult life situations as part of the Lasvit Foundation. It is a very important piece in my collection. When I’m having a bad day, it reminds me of gratitude and love.’

As she is now also joining EduArt Club, Tereza Popovič is looking forward to more experiences and information. Especially as she feels the need to further educate herself in the field of art and to add a detailed insight into its history, which she admits she lacks when making decisions. She has many artists on her radar and would like to support young talent in the future. ‘Rather than the investment value, I am always looking for positive energy and harmony in the works. I’m usually drawn to the particular colour palette an artist chooses. One of my favourites at the moment is the work of Petr Gruber.’