Starting a collection to reflect a couple's shared memories

Veronika has been fascinated by art since she was a child. She was introduced to this world by her grandfather and grandmother, whose paintings always brightened her home. Until recently, however, Veronika never dared to pursue her dream of building her own art collection. The main impulse came from the EduArt Start programme.

Initially, she was concerned this course might not suit her as she lacks the theoretical background. However, the fears soon dissipated and Veronika greatly appreciated the opportunity to delve into the world of art in a very informal and friendly atmosphere. Open discussions with experts about the behind-the-scenes workings of the art market and with the artists themselves about their work provided exactly the kind of inspiration she was looking for. Through the programme she not only gained new insight into art, but also became part of a wider community of like-minded people. Mutual support and peer-sharing of advice and experiences with other enthusiasts have been an indispensable part of her artistic journey. That is why she quickly became a member of the EduArt Club.

When selecting the artworks, Veronika seeks to combine intuition with the investment aspect. She relies on the recommendations of experts, follows the artists and completes further information from other sources. Contemplating her future collection, she hopes to focus on contemporary artists working across a range of techniques. When it comes to a unifying theme, she leans towards the natural sciences and geology. Her grandfather’s hobby of collecting precious stones probably affected her in this respect. On the other hand, Veronika admits that her tastes are changing as the EduArt activities progress. In any case, her goal is to build an extensive art collection with her husband, rich with stories of artists and their works, reflecting their shared memories. She has already succeeded in drawing her significant other into the world of art through one of the EduArt’s field trips, and together they picked their first oil on canvas with a fern detail at Adam Kašpar’s studio in Jesenice.

However, Veronika got her very first piece herself and it was a very spontaneous decision. She remembers buying a sculpture from Ondřej Filípek as a very exciting and fun experience accompanied by a splash of prosecco and a huge wave of euphoria. They subsequently named the concrete statue Otto and it has since become an integral part of their home and everyday life. This acquisition has further convinced Veronika that art is not only an investment for her, but also a source of everyday joy that she can share with the people around her.