To ensure the best quality of our programmes, we founded a committee of renowned art world specialists – the EduArt Advisory Board. Its members help us create relevant content and keep the finger on the art scene pulse. As seasoned experts, they provide useful advice to prospective and experienced collectors. As mentors, they light the way for artists and art professionals of the younger generation. The EduArt Advisory Board also decides on scholarships for Art Market and Mentoring programme.

Jane Neal

made her reputation as a leading expert on the contemporary art scene in Eastern Europe. ARTINFO and The Financial Times described her as one of the most knowledgeable independent curators in current painting. Jane organised critically acclaimed exhibitions in cities across the globe. She was the first international curator to find, promote and work with CEE artists, several of whom are leading figures in today's art world.

Christoph Tannert

studied archaeology and art history at Humboldt University in Berlin. Until 1990 he worked as an art critic, journalist and exhibition organiser in Berlin and Eastern Europe. He participated in releasing artists' books, cassette tapes and LPs via URSUS PRESS, an underground publishing house. In 1991 Tannert was appointed as the project coordinator at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, becoming its director in 2000. Christoph has published widely on subjects related to contemporary art.

Nina Gažovičová

studied art theory in Bratislava, focusing mainly on the art market during the communist era. She is the author of the book Art Market Never Sleeps. Since 1999 she has worked as a contemporary art specialist at the Auction House Soga, where she also performs as an auctioneer since 2003. She has run over 100 charity auctions for numerous institutions.

Weronika Maria Burgess

holds a degree in law and a Master's in Arts from Sotheby's Institute of Art. For eight years, she worked at Christie's auction house, where she helped its top clients build their art collections. Focusing on the emerging market of Eastern Europe, Weronika contributed to the business growth in this region. Weronika is the founder of Artexcelled, the official partner for Themerson Estate and an independent art consultant for private and institutional clients.

Fruzsina Kigyós

is a Budapest-based curator specialising in contemporary art. After art management and art market studies, she shifted towards theoretical education and earned an MA in aesthetics. She has vast experience working with commercial galleries, auction houses, museums, magazines and non-profit organisations. She co-founded Easttopics, a platform dedicated to the contemporary art scene of Central Eastern Europe. She also co-launched Flash Show, a debuting art fair focused on regional galleries. Currently, she is the deputy head of the Curatorial Department at the Ferenczy Museum Centre in Szentendre.

Margherita Belcredi

is an art historian with BA in Art History (University of Vienna) and an MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths (University of London). Her expertise gained her vast international art market experience. During her career, she worked in galleries across the world's capitals, such as the White Cube gallery in London and Contemporary Fine Arts gallery in Berlin. Currently, she is the Deputy Director of the Phileas fund for contemporary art in Vienna.

Maria Rus Bojan

is an Amsterdam-based art critic and curator. She graduated from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca and UvA, University of Amsterdam. During more than two decades of her art world career, Maria curated numerous exhibitions worldwide. Her primary focus is postwar and contemporary art, specifically research and collections of Eastern European art. Maria regularly publishes articles and essays; since 2014, she has been a guest editor of Sinteza Magazine. In 2008 she founded MB Art Agency.