crayon on paper, 180 x 90 cm

Three Shapes

robinia acacia wood, various size

Kern (nucleus)

marble, 43 x 28 x 18 cm

Charlotte Schnabl
*1989 Villach, Austria

The work of Charlotte Schnabl can be categorised into two art media; drawing and spatial arts. Her material of choice is clay or wood. The material is also the common thread amongst the different techniques and approaches. In her drawings, Schnabl accentuates motives corresponding with the organic nature of the materials. The affinity with the material as with something that comes from and is represented in nature seems to be intentionally and gradually, automatical. Within the media of drawing, the artist’s concentration and an eye for detail play an important role. Nonetheless, they are not a product of a stubbornness typical for artists, rather, an absolute necessity to convey the content; they are linked to the need to portray the essential and the already seen.