rust, oil and soft pastel on canvas, 220 x 200 cm,


rust, mold, oxidation, oil and soft pastel on canvas, 220 x 200 cm


mixed media on canvas, 150 x 200 cm

Natalie Šimonová *1995
Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia

Natalie Šimonová’s paintings capture a certain double principle of memory. Her works are a synthesis of the collective memory and her own memories of significant life moments; of the specific focal points of each individual memory, one could say. With these focal points being the main source of inspiration, the resulting paintings the artist creates are subject to a form of authorial (de)fragmentation. Šimonová explores elements of housing estate architecture or playground site furnishings often belonging to the world of children. She sometimes multiplies the elements of her paintings’ content, hereby, building a solid visual composition. Occasionally, she chooses to address a single moment that is separated but still clearly legible visually. The artist’s technique represents a crucial element in her work, and is a continuation of her works’ philosophy.